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Layer: Historic Cadastre 2017 (Polygon) (LGATE-289) (ID: 9)

Name: Historic Cadastre 2017 (Polygon) (LGATE-289)

Display Field: usage_code

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: This cadastral polygon dataset is a historic digital representation of all land parcel boundaries within Western Australia at a particular point in time. It represents all crown land (land owned by the State) and freehold land (land held in fee simple) and was sourced from the Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) which is the official digital cadastral map base of all crown and freehold land parcels within the State of Western Australia. The dataset covers the State of Western Australia and excludes the Commonwealth jurisdictions of Cocos Keeling Island and Christmas Island. NOTE: This product is for information purposes only and is not guaranteed. The information is out of date and should not be relied upon without further verification from the original documents. Where the information is being used for legal purposes then the original documents must be searched for all legal requirements. License: Other (Attribution) Tags: cadastre, historic, history

Definition Expression: N/A

Copyright Text:

Default Visibility: false

MaxRecordCount: 1000

Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF, geoJSON

Min Scale: 1000000

Max Scale: 0

Supports Advanced Queries: true

Supports Statistics: true

Has Labels: false

Can Modify Layer: true

Can Scale Symbols: false

Use Standardized Queries: true

Supports Datum Transformation: true

Drawing Info: Advanced Query Capabilities:
HasZ: false

HasM: false

Has Attachments: false

HTML Popup Type: esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsHTMLText

Type ID Field: null

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