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Layer: Dominant soil groups - Confusion index (DPIRD-078) (ID: 8)

Name: Dominant soil groups - Confusion index (DPIRD-078)

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Type: Raster Layer

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Description: Soils mapped in raster format with 90-m pixels. The soil classes are Western Australian Soil Groups. The soil type rasters were derived from the conventional soil landscape mapping (polygon maps) in 2013. The probability of occurrence of each soil class was predicted per pixel; the three most probable classes are available here, and individual class probabilities are available on request. (4) SoilGroup_Confusion_1_2.tif: Confusion Index -- Indicator of how similar the probabilities were between the highest (1) and second highest (2) probability Soil Groups. Larger numbers indicate greater confusion. License: Creative Commons Attribution Tags: soil, groups Contact: Contact:

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