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Layer: Carnabys Cockatoo Unconfirmed Roost Sites Buffered 6km (DBCA-053) (ID: 15)

Name: Carnabys Cockatoo Unconfirmed Roost Sites Buffered 6km (DBCA-053)

Display Field: cra_description

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: This is one layer of a set of GIS data layers that show the currently known confirmed and unconfirmed night roost areas of Carnaby's Black Cockatoo (CBC) in the South-West of Western Australia. The point data is from data held by DEC and is primarily the 2006 and 2010 Great Cocky Count project (Burnham et al. 2010) plus some observations brought to the attention of DEC. This particular layer here is for the "Confirmed Roost" category. A “Confirmed Roost” is a site where CBC were recorded roosting as part of a formal roost survey (using the Great Cocky Count method in which birds are recorded as they settle, 30 minutes either side of sunset), as described by Berry (2008). An “Unconfirmed Roost” is a site where roosting CBC have been reported to Birds Australia or DEC but have not had a positive count recorded during any official survey. Roosts of either category were buffered to 500 and 1000m for small and large (>150 birds) roosts, respectively. This buffering was done to cover roost movement and recording accuracy. See the asssociated methods document for more detail. Roosts were also buffered to 6km to indicate the likely feeding area of the roost. It should be noted that most surveys occur near human habitation and hence it is likely that there are roosts outside of those indicated in the GIS data layer. A GIS data layer is available (in this set) to indicate the well surveyed area. There are known issues or concerns with this data layer which are described in the supporting methods document. The data layer can be used to guide decision making for Carnaby's black cockatoo, however assessment and mapping in greater detail may be needed before planning decisions can be made about specific areas. License: Creative Commons Attribution Tags: 6km Buffered, Carnabys Cockatoo, Roost Area, Unconfirmed Contact:

Copyright Text: The Carnaby's Cockatoo data was assembled as part of the Perth-Peel Strategic Assessment Project co-ordinated by David Mitchell as the Regional Leader Nature Conservation - Swan Region. The GIS analysis was performed under contract by Brett Glossop.

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