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Layer: State Planning Policy 2.4: Extraction Sites (DMIRS-072) (ID: 126)

Name: State Planning Policy 2.4: Extraction Sites (DMIRS-072)

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Type: Feature Layer

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Description: This dataset comprises mapping associated with the State Planning Policy 2.4 Basic Raw Materials (BRM). Extraction Sites comprise all commercial extraction areas for BRM and those BRM quarries used by government for infrastructure. Extraction Sites include operating, approved and proposed commercial (extractive) industries under the Planning and Development Act 2005, the Local Government Act 1995, the Mining Act 1978 or a combination of these legislations. They may occur wholly or partly within or outside of Significant Geological Supplies areas. Where they occur outside of Significant Geological Supplies they provide important local supplies and in some cases provide for a specific market niche over the short to medium term. Currently, this dataset only shows those Extraction Sites that lie within the Perth and Peel Regions and that were identified by an extensive interagency BRM planning process, which included public consultation in 2015 and 2016. Within the Perth and Peel Regions, Extraction Sites include those that have Prior State Environment Minister approval. For practical reasons, it is not intended for this mapping to include all Extraction Sites, as these are administered by different agencies and in some cases can change within a short timeframe. However, the intent is for the State Planning Policy 2.4 to be applied to all Extraction Sites irrespective of whether they are shown in this mapping. Tags: Extraction Sites, Perth Peel Region, Basic Raw Materials, State Planning Policy

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