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Layer: State Planning Policy 2.4: Significant Geological Supplies (DMIRS-074) (ID: 128)

Name: State Planning Policy 2.4: Significant Geological Supplies (DMIRS-074)

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Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: This dataset comprises mapping associated with the State Planning Policy 2.4 Basic Raw Materials (BRM). Significant Geological Supplies (SGS) are those BRM areas identified by the DMIRS as having State significance due to the size of the resource, relative scarcity, demand and/or location near growth areas and transport routes. Most SGS areas are derived from, and therefore are a subset of, DMIRS published Regionally Significant Basic Raw Material mapping. Where this is not the case, they are derived using the same rule set as for the Regionally Significant Basic Raw Material mapping. Within the Perth and Peel Region, the SGS areas were further refined by an extensive interagency BRM planning process, which included public consultation in 2015. In the Perth and Peel Region, the SGS areas took into account environmental values, current and future land uses, including sequential land use opportunities, current and future infrastructure and BRM supply and demand considerations. BRM types shown are the dominant surface materials, but the application of the policy is not restricted to those materials. For example, a SGS area designated as ‘Sand’ may include limestone and gravel and the policy applies to all BRM derived from within those areas. The designation of an SGS area does not obligate a private landowner or State agency to extract these resources, nor does it presume that extraction would be environmentally acceptable or that subsequent approvals for extraction or environmental approvals are guaranteed. Planning policy associated with this mapping is documented in the State Planning Policy 2.4. Tags: Significant Geological Supplies, Perth Peel Region, Basic Raw Materials, State Planning Policy

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