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Layer: State Planning Policy 2.2 Gnangara Groundwater Protection (DPLH-050) (ID: 81)

Sub Layers: Name: State Planning Policy 2.2 Gnangara Groundwater Protection (DPLH-050)

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: The main purpose of the policy is to prevent, control or manage development and land use changes in the policy area that are likely to cause detrimental effects to the groundwater resource. The policy will help local government, land development proponents and the public to ensure that land use change and development over the Gnangara mound is compatible with the long-term use of the groundwater for public consumption. The policy provides guidance on the compatibility of land uses in priority 1, 2 and 3 source protection areas in the underground water pollution control areas and guidance on planning requirements that need to be considered before rezoning, development, or subdivision can proceed in the policy area. The objectives of the policy are to Ensure that all land use changes in the policy area are compatible with the long-term protection and management of groundwater quality and quantity for public drinking water supply, in accordance with priority source protection area classification objectives; Protect groundwater quality and quantity in order to maintain the dependent ecosystems, ecological values and integrity of wetlands and native vegetation, in accordance with recognised conservation values; and Protect and/or enhance the quality and quantity of groundwater, in accordance with accepted water quality guidelines and standards for the following uses - domestic human use - industry - agriculture - recreation and aesthetics.

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